Special BOETA Green Fine Powder


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BOETA yes, BOETA Green Vein never heard of it neither have we at Kratom Alliance. Its a rare collection of kratom leaves deep in the jungles of Indonesia.  I know it sounds Corny but this is the best of the best. All natural no chemicals and 100% organic. Some companies make up names but we couldn’t make this one up besides we don’t like the whole name game so many vendors play.
It cost a little more, actually more than we wanted to pay but if you want the best you have to pay for it.
BOETA is not included in the Pick 4 and Rewards Points don’t apply ! Once again we have a limited supply.
Once again its a copulation of leaves processed from the elders recipe for the best kratom. Try it see if you agree with us and as always let us know what you think. Our customers provide the barometer so feedback is important to us at Kratom Alliance.

Please note this is not a Nano grind. Boeta is a fine grind guaranteed to our highest quality standards !

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