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We want to stress that the success of Kratom Alliance is about you the customer; so we will guarantee that you are a completely satisfied customer. Our promise to you is to deliver the freshest best quality organic Kratom.
If your not satisfied with our kratom we will make it right guaranteed returns.

The FDA has not approved this product for human consumption and we make no health claims in its delivery to our customers.

It has been brought to our attention that this page and our reviews are quite old and haven’t been updated. We are leaving the comments with reviews below which begin around 2014 because we have the current CUSTOMER REVIEWS on our home page at the top.
Please click on CUSTOMER REVIEWS to get current comments from our customers whether how GOOD or BAD they are. We always strive to improve so sometimes the bad helps us correct or add to our business processes and quality.

Thank you, Miss Kratom

16 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hello, You are most generous, and it’s on the stove right now. I have no doubts it will be of quality, and that you will be hearing from me again. Its obvious it’s fresh not old.
    Great aroma………

  2. they now have overnight,but this would be even better if they put the option to pay extra with express mail on here for sunday delivery…

  3. Yes, but can’t have that be an option on our website because I cant get the post office or the USPS to work on Sunday lol.
    They are closed on Sunday and I agree with you many customers would love that option.
    Peace out……..

  4. Wish you folks would show your Physical Shipping
    location on the website…
    Then I could estimate my shipping time…
    Your Products look Great and I get a good vibe from your website.
    Looking forward to receiving my first shipment.
    I Trust it will confirm my ‘First Impressions’…
    Yours in Spirit,
    Rev. Greg

  5. First of all I would just like to say that I think what you’re doing is fantastic, and keep up the good work! I have ordered from you on multiple occasions over the last few months and have been extremely satisfied with your products. I have made purchases from several other Kratom vendors over the last 2 years and have to say that your product is by far the freshest, and the most affordably priced Kratom that I have ever seen. I am planning on making another purchase on Monday and was wondering exactly how I can go about doing that with your site unable to process credit card payments, and would also like to know how your new Papua Green Maeng da compares to your red veined variety. any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    See answer below on CREDIT CARD CHECKOUT.

    Thanks again,

  6. I am a 45 year old Massage Therapist & Esthetician. I have Degenerative disc disease L4/L5, Stage 3 nerve incrochment S1, Neuropathy in my LL & LF, F, H & Sural nerves all non responsive. High BP & Arthritis & Anxiety/Panic Disorder. I have been taking pain pills, muscle relaxers & adivan or xanex for the past 10 Years! I am so Happy that I found Kratom Alliance, a website & product i can finally trust. I have been using kratom for only a month but have been able to get off most of my pills, I feel so much better, finally I found something that actually works! Miss Kratom is very knowledgable too, she returned all my messages very quickly & helped educate me alot. I cant believe how fast they shipped my order to me too. Kratom is Amazing stuff, I just hope now that I finally found something that works, it stays legal! Mr & Mrs Kratom seem like very wonderful people who are doing a great job! Thank You so much for helping me make my quality of life better 🙂

  7. Thank you Rebecca, we strive to give you the best kratom for the money and are always hear to help you through your journey with this miracle plant. Its just not a business for us its so much more because its about quality of life and great customer service helps. Lol That was a little pat on the back for us. Oh, for customers not familiar with us we guarantee our Kratom and stand behind our product.
    We make sure with every batch is tested for pesticides, heavy metals, molds and of course alkaloid content. A clean room environment so you don’t have to worry about bugs and any other foreign objects in your kratom. It costs more to do this but its so worth it.
    Sorry I get carried away once i get going.
    Wish we could come get a message from you, well maybe someday if were in the neighborhood.
    Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday surrounded by peace and love. Goodwill to all !
    Mrs. Kratom aka Miss Kratom

  8. I ordered and shipping was discreet and quick . New York to So California in 3 days . The quality was top shelf and super fresh. Can’t express into words the quality of all the products I received . And have yet to see prices like this anywhere . If your unsure ? Don’t be you will not be disappointed !
    Thanks Very Much

  9. I received your the Pick 4 @ 259 g each. Papua Green, Green Malay, Red Maengda, White Maengda Horned and the quality was so fresh! Some of the best kratom I’ve tried. So I placed another order with you guys, and anticipate coming home to a full mailbox. Thank you for great service and product quality. Means a great deal.

  10. Hey, just wanted to say thank you. First off, the order arrived in two days (From NY to Calif!) Very quick! I think it says something to send it that quick. It clearly shows you stand behind your product and will let it speak for itself. Also, I’ve used many other vendors. In your case, I got a few different strains mostly bags of Maeng Da! And this is real Maeng Da! Premium quality and the freshest I have tried. For those who are new to Kratom, just know that so much of the Kratom here in the US is old. Some of it is up to 2 years old (especially your head shops) Not the products I got from Kratom Alliance- You will be able to tell right away that this is fresh. . Each type of Maeng Da was excellent (Red- aroma Green- White Pupua- WOW! Strongest aroma around!!!) and I love all of them and have already placed another order. On top of that, you have the best prices around! I was not sure what to expect but I am thoroughly impressed! Who needs fancy websites or packages- You just provide the best quality at the best prices and just got yourself a loyal customer for good! Amazing- And to anyone reading this, I am not affiliated in anyway with the site, just a customer who has tried a LOT of the vendors out there. I really dont write reviews much- just when something really impresses me or I got ripped off- Kratom Alliance’s Kratom is AAA top quality at a more than fair price! Try it for yourself- Here’s someone who will send you a sample and let it speak for itself! Cant wait for my next order Thanks!

  11. Please remember when CHECKING OUT to look for our INVOICE in your email inbox so you can pay with the credit card of your choice. Invoices are secure and get processed quickly. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t checkout it will show on HOLD but it notifies us to send you a secure invoice for your order. Just look for the invoice in your email once you do it you will find how easy and secure it is.
    Thank you !
    PS You can checkout as a guest with the invoice company no need to register.

  12. Thanks for the reviews its greatly appreciated. Helps customers out in deciding to order from us. Peace and Love !

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