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  1. Today after three, dependent upon merchant gateway. Very frustrating but it will be worth it in the long run. Thanks for your patience.

  2. I didn’t know about the system being down last night and tryed putting an order in but I’m unsure if it went thru. I sent a message to your site also, asking if my order went. I tryed 3 times and was getting errors. I hope I didn’t actually order 3 of them lol
    help! 🙂 and thank you!

  3. Sometime today maybe? I know it’s stressful for you guys but you’re going to get my business regardless

  4. I’m an I.T. Consultant for many small to large businesses. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance getting setup.

  5. How can I pay for your sample order? Sent you an email. Saw your post on kratom association, and would love to try your service

  6. We are near the final stages of getting our website to accept credit cards etc. We were approved for our merchant gateway account. Thank you for your patience.

  7. need my tracking # ordered ur sample trying to see quality. i use kratom underground for two years now but prices keep going up i order at least a kilo though out a mnth . chris fite

  8. Hi Chris
    The samples ship first class postage and does not provide tracking. Shipping first class takes between 2 to 5 days once it ships, with the average being 3 days. Hope you enjoy our samples.

  9. thanks for promt response looking forward to see the quality of ur k , i buy weekly adding up to bout kilo monthly i have been with same vendor for couple yrs but prices keep going up so i really like ur prices almost to good to be but hope not . does ur package say kratom on it i like privacy and discreet? thanks chris from Toledo

  10. The package return address says K. A. plus address. The internal plastic bags say Kratom Alliance with the strain type.
    Discretion is something our customers prefer so I would say your in good hands. One thing about us is that were a no frills operation that is always trying to improve. The things we care about is quality,price and customer service aromatherapy at its finest. Have a good evening Chris from Toledo.

  11. I received the sample two days after ordering along with a order i placed with my vendor that i have used for two yrs that has great products the best on the market i believed, so i opened both vendors products and was amazed at the product i received from Kratom alliance at almost half the price was just has good , i have found my new go to for k . thanks for prompt shipping and a excellent product and also everytime ive emailed ka she has gotten right back same day very much appreciated u rock thanks for what ur doing . chris from Toledo

  12. Thanks Chris from Toledo we try to keep prices down and quality up so more people will be able to afford this miracle plant.

  13. stoked the site, k, service and shipping are all legit. I was sure it was to good to be true, woah was i wrong. Aces in my book, my new and only supplier. Thank K A!!!

  14. Hi – what will the name of the vendor show in the transaction if paying by credit card? I hope it’s not “Kratom Alliance”? Thanks!

  15. Amazed by your kratom best prices, service and of course kratom. Honestly best I’ve found from from any site. Can’t wait to try the others you have. anyways I am wondering if you will be having the Papua White Maengda for sale again?

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  17. I love the prices and quality of the product. The only issue I have is when im checking out. After placing my order it never states my order was successful and says my session was timed out. Then after trying to submit it again it duplicates my order and I get charged twice and recieve a double order. This time I ordered I checked my email before continuing to retry and my has been successfully processed. Besides that everything else is great. Thanks

  18. The yellow vein fine powder offered here is one of the best yellow vein strains I have ever come across. Very high quality, and fresh. Even better then what some of the premium or better know vendors offer for yellow strains. The price is nice too. If you’re a kratom connoisseurs this yellow will not disappoint.. Definitely going to be researching some of the other strains offered here. Cheers!

  19. Thank you Chris. We are always trying to sell the best quality and freshest possible Kratom. Feels good to hear your comments :).

  20. Hello, I just realized it has been a year since my first order with you. I have tried Many others in between, both more expensive and a lot cheaper but keep coming back to you at least every other time i need an order. The Papua Green is still my favorite!! I will always order that along with trying something new. I am trying the yellow this time and just read the comments by Chris, so now I am even more excited for my package to arive. Thank You so much, Melissa

  21. I sent you a contact message earlier but thought I’d leave a quick message here as well, to let you know I sent a message. I mainly wanted to know how to purchase with my rewards points. Thanks!!!! 🙂

  22. Reward points are redeemed automatically at 50 points. This happens when you go to checkout, it will automatically deduct the $50 from your order. If your order is less than $50 it will deduct the total minus shipping and leave a balance for the remainder of your points.
    Its automatic and its very easy but if by chance something goes wrong email us so we can adjust your points.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for your great question.

  23. Thank you for your reply Miss Kratom! I didn’t think to check back until just now! I noticed that I would receive 10 points for subscribing to the website, which I did a week ago or so. I was wondering if you could update my acct with those points? I’m pretty sure I subscribed at the right place, but if for some reason I didn’t, could you let me know? I’m glad you offer the website subscription because your website is the only place I shop for Kratom and that would really be nice to stay current with your site. 🙂

  24. Hello Benjamin
    Your account has been updated to include your subscription points. When you login to your account you will notice that you received those points. Your account has enough to trigger your rewards at checkout with your next order. Thank you

  25. I’m not really sure what is going to happen with the ban. I just wanted to thank all of here for being the very best vendor I have come across in my three years of consuming
    this wonderful plant. Aways prompt invoicing, fast shipping with tracking and last but not least the finest, A+++ product of all the online vendors from Facebook to forums and
    the internet. I sincerely hope we will come back together in the near future #I AM KRATOM.

    Susan Carpenter.

  26. Thanks Susan We love the Kratom community, some of the best people on the Planet and thanks for being a great customer. We care about this wonderful plant and the people who appreciate their lives because of it. We have faith in that the good in the world will overcome evil.
    Its not easy but we can do this together. Petitions, letters and phone calls along with a peaceful march in Washington D.C. We can do this. See you on the flip side !

  27. Please save Kratom! This has given me my life back! I have endometriosis and this plant, this simple little herbal tea plant, gives me enough relief that I don’t have to take those foul vicodin and percocet to control my pain. No addiction, no pain, just a life. Please save this plant!

  28. Reward points are redeemed automatically at checkout at 50 reward points. Simply put lets say you have 55 points and your order in your cart is $75, you will see the $55 ( rewards ) subtracted from the $75 so the balance in your cart would be $20 plus your shipping charges.
    Its that easy like we said its automatic. Thank you for your question.

  29. Hi, I have a question regarding payment methods also.. I see on the website you accept bank transfers and credit cards.So for credit cards you send a secure invoice to my email for the products I put under order details from contacts ? Then I can pay invoice with credit card of my choice ? Once paid what happens ? Can anyone help me with this please? Thanks!

    Yes you are correct. Once paid we pack and ship your order and will send the Tracking Number from USPS to your email. Its very easy but I understand it can be a little confusing first time through. Were here if you have any additional questions or problems at
    Thank you, Mar

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