Customer Reviews

Thanks for activating your review page again. You guys have the best kratom and I’m not being nice. You test your kratom so I know its safe no e coli or salmonella just to mention a few. The Green Vein Malay is one of my favorites and the Super White Mang da strain is one of the best white strains I ever tried.
Im not a fan of your payment checkout but once you understand that you send an email for your order and you sent an invoice for payment it was cool. Very secure and you guys respond quickly, most of the time.
Your my go to choice glad you still open as some of my old vendors are now closed.
I have used kratom for five years and you have the best kratom I think. One of the best. God Bless
Martha Semay.

I know you have been in business for over 5 years or I have been a customer for almost 5 years. I try other vendors every now and again and always come back for my orders to Kratom Alliance. You have the best quality and service. Thanks guys
Tim U. 08 -11- 2019

Love you guys ! Wish you had check cashing but your invoices are quick and safe. I can pay with credit card and that’s the best. Plus best Kratom like I said, 5 stars.
John Miller 8 – 22 – 2019

Always respond to my emails don’t have to worry because customer service is great. Thanks Miss Kratom.
Dave  8 – 24- 2019

One complaint is I wish you kept the reviews current. You used to have dozens or more which keeps me up to date with whats going on with your website. Other than that your my number one vendor.
Mary Kaplin 8 – 27- 2019

Kratom Alliance keeps improving all the time. I have brought you a few customers through referrals.  We all agree best kratom and good people. 5 stars !!!
Ben 8 – 27 – 2018

My favorite is Papua Green. Hope you never run out.
Michelle Pillo 8 – 31 – 2019

Good selection, quality and price. Some vendors say they have good or premium quality but you guys really do. Thank you Mar
Russ Williams 9 – 1 – 2019

Hey, just wanted to say thanks. You people are doing a good thing for people. Thanks for everything!
Neil Malangone  9 – 2- 2019

I hope all is well with you my friend. Thank you for all your hard work and consistency with your products.  😀🙏
Kyle Johnson 9 – 4 – 2019

This place treats you like family. Mar Miss Kratom is nicest lady or friend in the Kratom community and will help you anyway she can. Have been buying from them for years. thank you.
Lori Hogan 9- 4 – 2019

Happy happy happy. That’s all I can say with your Papua I like it. Only my first time with it but so far its great.
Jim Michae 9- 6-2019

Always good doing business with you guys. I like that you test your kratom. I wasn’t to concerned because I have been buying for many years and never had a problem. Still nice to see it on the website.
Dave Cooks 10- 14-2019

Pretty cool ! I’m a new customer so now I can trust your products because I see the laboratory tests. Talk is cheap. lol I’ll let you know what I think of your stuff after I try my first order. Nano not sure about this but like I said you will get my review after I try your products.
T Thunderbird 11-10-2019

I just wanted to hit the stars rating but you only have written reviews. Please upgrade !
Castin 11- 12-19

Pretty cool ! Follow up to the above comments. Really liked your kratom. The quality was great and the fluffy texture mixed easily it looks like I received more than I did because its fluffy or bulkier but weight was accurate actually a few grams extra.I loved the Red Maeng da great for my pain and relaxed me quite strong but need to continue using longer term. The yellow was a big surprise very nice mood.
Papua was as advertised strong and I wanted to find something negative because perfect Kratom vendors don’t exist. Lol Good job Kratom Alliance premium quality, lab testing and very good prices. You can find cheaper but not this good. Your my new 5 star vendor.
Thanks T. T. 12- 17 -19

Thank you, to all our customers and wish everyone a Happy New Year ! We will be updating our latest customers reviews page with the newest reviews soon.
We are making changes to our website and business in 2020.Need to step it up a bit.
Mar ( Miss Krantom )

You guys are the best thank you

Hey great stuff have tried many vendors but I think I’m sticking with you guys. Hope the great service and kratom keeps coming. Good you guys lab test it gives me piece of mind.
Try working on your limited payment options. I ask for an invoice but sometimes its late night and want to be done with the credit payment. Next morning i get an invoice early but sometimes I sleep late. lol
Tim Hoffstetter 2-10-2020

Best customer service five and a half stars on that. Thanks
Ben Mack 3-2-2020

Tried a few strains like some better than others and I do like that the prices are the same for most except for your Special Botea strain. I know vendors that charge more and its no better than the cheaper blend. Do you guys offer specials ?
Mary and Pete Denno 3 – 29 – 2020

Happy your website is still selling during this lockdown Coronavirus craziness. I emailed to make sure and you did tell me shipping has been taking longer but not much. Thank you for getting back to me.
Joseph Wink April 2, 2020

Crazy, crazy, and crazy but you guys rock ! Shipping did take an extra day from usual but it arrived ! 🙂
Be careful and good health to Miss.
Thanks !
Mary Etnin May 1, 2020

This is fluffy kratom or really finely ground. Didn’t care for it for a few days then it grew on me and now i love it. I get more kick from it if that makes any sense. Thanks Miss now your my favorite vendor lol my only vendor.
Tim Anderson May 28, 2020

Customer service is incredible. You make me feel like I can trust you 100 % . Any questions or problems I have had your very helpful and helpful. I’m not an easy person to satisfy, so I have been told. Your the longest kratom vendor I have had. lol Almost one year.
Bob Williams May 28, 2020

Just want to say thanks. This coronavirus has changed so much of our lives but you guys continue to provide great kratom and customer service. You haven’t missed a beat and I wanted to let you know how I feel.
Mary E. Bostwick July 23, 2020

Had a problem with a strain that didn’t sit well with me. It happens and I was nervous that it was going to be a problem for me. I had opened the bag and tried it a couple times. I explained my situation and you guys were very helpful. I didn’t have to worry, customer service was very cool. Thanks for helping me out and I’m for sure a customer for life. Thank you, thank you.
Adrian Janikowski August 1, 2020

Nano, Nano is the real stuff or real deal. I have tried very fine nano from three vendors. One wasn’t bad but not nano. The next was gritty so it was typical kratom sold by most kratom vendors. The last was you guys and now I know what nano is. It was fluffy and mixed with my juice. So nice and when I meant one wasn’t bad I really didn’t know what nano kratom was. Thanks for standing by what you put on your website. Nano Kratom !
Louie Herrera August 3, 2020

A few message boards, not saying who because most times they have good information on kratom and different vendors. I came upon misleading facts on nano kratom. Nano bashing was going on maybe it’s just me but it pisses me off when facts on kratom mislead people. I got into it on one board but didn’t want to get into a long battle back and forth because it’s exhausting.
Not all nano is the same as I stated in the above review. lol I just wrote my opinion on the message board trying to be positive. I don’t know if you guys want to go on and dispel the bs about nano. As I have said, earlier your kratom is great nano or not.
Louie Herrera Sept 1, 2020