Our facility follows GMP standards in our Indonesian manufacturing operation. We carry forward GMP standards for packaging, Lab Testing and shipping of our products in the United States. Your safety is always at the forefront of what we do. Shipping Prices have gone up sorry for any inconvenient. Our Nano Kratom is the finest Nano Ultra Fine grind in the industry. What that means is less grit easier to blend with liquid or solids and a fluffy smooth Kratom that assimilates easier. No metal shavings from tool ware in the grinding process and no degradation of alkaloids from excessive heat. All natural, safe and no chemicals just pure Organic Nano Ultra Fine Kratom. Laboratory tested !

Green Money Payment is seamless as a payment option. Check the Green Money box. Shipping prices keep going up and our vendors have increased our shipping costs which have raised prices. We are doing everything we can to absorb these increases.

Alert : Shipping increases going up again, carrier increases. We will be closed for shipping delivery from Thursday to Saturday Feb. 2 – Feb 4. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Consistent quality ensures superior Products!  Don’t be fooled by our lower prices we never allow stems in our Nano kratom and only use the best leaves from mature trees. We make sure our vendors deliver natural and organic kratom in a clean room type environment so you feel safe. Nano Kratom has not been approved by the Read More …

We sell Premium Nano Kratom with same Day Priority Mail Shipping plus Express Priority mail shipping available. Our Guarantee to you is we will resolve any concerns, problems or issues you might have in a timely manor to your satisfaction !

Please get involved with the Kratom movement through theĀ  Kratom Association. Call and write your elected representatives and don’t forget to donate to keep this miracle plant legal. A special thanks to all our valued customers. Miss Kratom Mar Peace


By ordering any products from Seller you are agreeing unconditionally to all of the following Terms and Conditions. These terms may be changed at any time by Seller without notice. “Seller” refers to Kratom Alliance, kratomalliance.com, and all persons associated with Kratom Alliance; “Buyer” refers to the individual, company, firm, or other legal entity purchasing Read More …