Alert : Shipping increases going up again, carrier increases. We will be closed for shipping delivery from Thursday to Saturday Feb. 2 – Feb 4. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Consistent quality ensures superior Products!  Don’t be fooled by our lower prices we never allow stems in our Nano kratom and only use the best leaves from mature trees. We make sure our vendors deliver natural and organic kratom in a clean room type environment so you feel safe.

Nano Kratom has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) for human consumption.
Always consult your doctor or other healthcare professions if you decide against our recommendations and that of the FDA.

5 thoughts on “Alert : Shipping increases going up again, carrier increases. We will be closed for shipping delivery from Thursday to Saturday Feb. 2 – Feb 4. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

  1. Papua green Maengda is awesome! Got it super fast! Prices are great so much better than some others I have seen!!! Very happy with Kratom alliance

  2. Papua Green is awesome! However not for the amateur kratom coniseur. Kratom Alliance is doing this right. Keeping it affordable with a great product!

  3. Kratom Alliance has excellent Bali Green! I am amazed at the quality for the price. I have purchased from 4 other vendors in the past and Kratom Alliance arguably has the best quality of any others. Even further, Kratom Alliance price for Bali is unreal. I just cannot believe that I can stock up on my supply for so cheap. As long as the price is reasonable, I’ll never leave the business of Kratom Alliance behind. Their shipping was so fast too. They gave me free 2 day priority shipping and it went from New York to my home in Florida in 2 days. I have sent questions and inquiries to Mar in the past and she answers messages very promptly and is always very friendly and helpful with any question/issue I have.
    Anyone who is on here looking for a kratom vendor, take it from me (a long-time kratom indulger), you have to look no further. I’ve looked all over the internet too and Kratom Alliance has by far the best quality kratom for the best price. I told Mar she should change the label of Bali Green to “Premium Bali Green” because that is truly what type of Bali you’d be buying. I am so happy I found Kratom Alliance. Aromatherapy at its best.

  4. Its nice to hear that our quality meets your high standards,thank you. A quick story about our Bali. Sometime ago we had bali from a few different vendors and it didn’t meet our customers expectations nor did it meet ours. That didn’t stop us, we didn’t say well that’s as good as it gets. No we looked for better quality with keeping our prices low and eventually we found it. We aren’t perfect but we never stop trying to improve and improve we did so I hope all the Bali connoisseurs are happy with our Bali.
    Love the comments it’s nice to hear from our customers. Thanks
    Our motto at Kratom Alliance is to provide good quality at a reasonable price so more people can enjoy this wonderful plant aromatherapy.
    Miss Kratom Mar

  5. Extremely fast shipping!
    Consistent quality.. No matter what strain.
    This is the FRESHEST kratom I have ever gotten my hands on.
    Great customer service,very competitive pricing…
    And from New York !!
    (I lived there for 40 years,and still consider myself a “native”)…
    It’s great to see people who are passionate about what they do..
    and K.A. Is..
    These are good people, and are now my “go to” for kratom
    Great Service
    Quality !!!
    What else can I say ?!

    Kratom Alliance is Top Notch.

    East Coast

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